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Three Great Ways to Relive Your Boyhood Adventures

Jan 02, 2014 12:07PM ● By Erin Frisch

The days gone by of all the fun you had with your boyhood friends can be relived. All it takes is enthusiasm, coordination with old friends and some youth-like creativity in having fun.

Reliving the glory days with friends can be invigorating, both physically and mentally. It can also reconnect ties and strengthen old friendships. Children are brought up to act like adults, to learn about responsibilities and respect to others. But adults should be encouraged to now and again unwind and live a little more freely, like children. Author Daniel H. Pink points out in his book, "DRiVE," that people accomplish more things, especially at work, when they are happier and healthier. Playing, just as children do, Pink says, is a great motivational tool to keep employees happy and productive at work.

But what activities would be good — as an adult — to participate in? That just depends on your creativity and, in a sense, the kid that's inside you.


There is no better thrill of youth-like excitement than rushing down a snow-packed hill on a sled. It may seem sort of silly to imagine a group of grown men laughing and running up and down a hill, but it is one of the purest ways to tap into your inner childhood youth.

At first, it may be hard to get over the feeling of silliness and awkwardness accompanying sledding, just like the feeling of going to a movie theater by yourself. But The Wall Street Journal brings up a good question, why should sledding just be kids' fun? Put your cares aside and make sledding an annual winter get-together for you and your buddies.

There are several advantages to getting together with a group of friends to go sledding:

• Exercise: You can be sledding for hours and not realize the cardio workout and quad strength training you're getting repetitively walking up the hill after each slide, says The focus of the thrill and anticipation of racing down the hill each time allows you to not focus so much on the tiring routine of walking uphill, allowing you to enjoy burning calories without thinking about it.

• Inexpensive: If you plan a ski trip, more than likely you have to travel to a ski resort. There also is all the expensive equipment and lift tickets that come with the sport. But with sledding, all you and the boys need are sleds and a steep hill.

• Creativity: As adults, we know how much safety is important, especially when it's you, not your parents, paying the medical bills. With that in mind, the places to go sledding is seemingly endless, be it in the backyard of your own home, the roof of your own home or a local sledding hotspot. As far as finding a sled, dust off dear ole dad's toboggan or sneak out with your wife's turkey tray. Otherwise, just head down to the local store and buy an inexpensive saucer sled.


Reliving your teenage days may include remembering the exhilaration of being on the open road, where it was just you and your motorcycle. Nothing says freedom and rebellion from the mundane suit and tie workplace than hopping on your hog, burning some rubber on the road and leaving any stress of the adult world in your rear-view mirror. Why just think about those days, when can actually relive them?

Whether its dusting off your old Harley-Davidson motorcycle, purchasing a dirt bike or even taking the 10-speed out from the darkest depths of your garage, biking is a great way to capture the excitement of speed and thrills on wheels you enjoyed as a teenager.

Just as fun as driving these roadsters is working on them, be it upgrading parts or replacing. Busting out the old dirt bike and getting it ready for a ride brings pride and a sense of accomplishment to many guys. It also kicks up memories of working in the garage with their fathers and friends. Unlike when you were a teen, there are several places to find parts for your bike, especially online., for example, offers bikes, gear and parts for the off-road and on-road enthusiasts. It provides how-to articles and reviews on replacement parts. Bike safety hardwear is exactly what you need to stay safe while you check in with your wild side.

Starting or Joining a Recreational Team

Be it in an organized league or just a casual get-together every now and then, getting a group of friends and relatives together for a fun game of baseball, football, volleyball or even kickball is always a fun time.

One team sport event that has picked up popularity over the years is vintage base ball, where teams play baseball under old style (1880s) rules of the game. Individuals can either join an existing club in the area or a team can be created. Sites like Vintage Base Ball Association gives extensive information on how the games are played, what to wear and how to start a team. This not only gets you together with friends again, but it allows you to play a sport you loved as a kid in a whole new way.

Which Boyhood Adventure would you want to take part in?

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