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What’s In . . . What’s Out: A Look at Trends

May 13, 2014 12:30AM ● By Erin Frisch

Trends will always be with us. With each season, beauty and other trends change. If you like to know what’s trending, you know it can be overwhelming to keep up with these changes, so we’ve come up with a list of trends. Now you’ll be in the know about what to make a part of your life and those things trendsetters should be avoiding.

What’s In

Short Hair: It’s time to cut those long tresses! While well-maintained flowing locks will always have appeal, this season the trend is to sport a bob or even a pixie cut if you can rock that style.

Colored Eyeliners: Put away your black and brown eyeliners and invest in vibrant, colorful hues that you can coordinate with your outfits. This season, the brighter the eyeliner, the better. Check out purple and teal eyeliners that are in vogue now.

Hybrid Cuisines: People are getting more adventurous with their diets, and that’s why mashup cuisines are in now. Restaurants are creating hybrid cuisines: think Indian-Mexican, Jewish-Japanese, and Thai-Nordic to entice the palates of foodies everywhere. You can now enjoy popcorn-flavored sweets and black pepper chocolates right along with your maple bacon ice cream!

Real Food: Say good-bye to burgers and fries and indulge in high-protein quinoa, dinosaur kale, and the raw food movement. Foods that were once overlooked are getting a second glance, and even some fast-food restaurants are hopping aboard with interesting salad-bar options and superfood smoothies.

Yoga Retreats: The idea of practicing yoga in a studio can make some people feel claustrophobic. But now you can go to yoga retreats at tranquil, beautiful locales and come back feeling like a new person. Hot new “retreat” trends combine amazing destinations and yoga in one appealing travel package.

Adventure Travel: No matter your age, if you love adventure, there’s something out there that will get your adrenaline pumping. Imagine swimming with sharks in Costa Rica or cliff diving in New Zealand—just two of the latest trends in travel.

What’s Out

Hair Extensions: Hair extensions are not only difficult to maintain but also ruin your natural hair. So it’s not surprising that they are in the what’s out column now. Today’s women are opting for the comfort and ease of wash ’n go hairstyles.

Meat: After years of warning us about the health risks of red meat, health experts are rejoicing to note that meat is taking up less real estate on our plates these days. In fact, meats should be considered a condiment, with two-thirds of our plates taken up by whole grains and veggies, legumes, and leafy greens.

Food Courts: These dining places are out of favor, and it’s no surprise. Most food courts are infamous for uninspired and tasteless dishes. Above all, food courts have no ambience; think of them as filling stations for fueling up the human machine. We’re surprised they’ve hung on as long as they have.

Caribbean Cruises: If you have been contemplating a Caribbean cruise, think again. It is no longer cool to go on a cruise to the Caribbean; the trend is to explore the waterways less traveled. Consider Northern Europe, the Middle East, India, and the Western coasts of South America and Africa.

Western Europe: Traveling to Western Europe to enjoy the sights and sounds in developed nations is out. With a weak dollar, savvy American travelers are making their way to Eastern Europe to visit the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, and Hungary, places where the dollar stretches farther and travelers can enjoy history, culture, and fantastic cuisine at affordable prices.

Now that you know the trends it's time for you to go set some new ones! Have fun!

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