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Build Your Own Backyard Ice Rink

Dec 09, 2014 08:08PM ● By Ryan Frisch

Courtesy of jpowers65 on Flickr

According to, the most difficult and important decisions you need to make when building an ice rink revolve around:

  • What type of rink do you want?
  • How big a rink do you want?
  • Will you put up rink boards?
  • Do you want to build it yourself or buy one?
Assuming you've decided to build your own rink, they recommended going with a lined rink for smoother skating and easier maintenance as well as boards to avoid having to chase and find pucks (for all the hockey families out there). Find more detailed instructions and pictures check out and then watch the video below to get a sense of how to do it yourself.

Backyard Ice Rink Time-Lapse Video

Backyard Ice Rink Time-Lapse from Four Winds on Vimeo.

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