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Pet of the Week: Meet Bandit

Jan 19, 2015 02:37PM ● By Erin Frisch
Estimated Age: 8 Years

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

A little bit about me:
Bandit is a big, tough 8 year old cat who loves to take charge. He demands attention, and adores being pet. Under his tough exte-rior lies a very orderly and cuddly cat.
Bandit loves his structure and routine, and adjusting to a new one might be a little stressful for him. Luckily, he is a quick study, so it shouldn’t take him too long to learn a new routine. If his home is too unpredictable, he will be unpredictable; so a quiet, orderly environment is best for him. Bandit is also a bit of a loner, so he would like to be your only pet.
If you are looking for a tough teddy bear of a cat, come by today and meet Bandit. He is availble at the Upper Valley Humane Society.


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