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White River Junction Musician Myra Flynn Talks About Her Jewelry Creations

Mar 05, 2015 01:35PM ● By Ryan Frisch

In 2014 Myra partnered with Patrick Branstetter of the Village Piano Shop in White River Junction to launch a jewelry line. Friends since they met as young performers at Randolph’s Mud Season Variety Show, Myra and Patrick began experimenting with retired parts out of the old pianos Patrick worked to restore.

“Our jewelry is meant to look and feel more like a little keepsake or family heirloom rather than a giant statement,” Myra says. “We hope that our pieces are either stamped, engraved, or decorated with sentimental messages so that it’s a piece you’ll wear every day. The materials we’ve sourced are all local (except for our chain, that’s from Turkey), and some of the piano tuning pins are completely one of a kind, yanked personally out of a Steinway from 1896. We just want each piece to feel as special and sacred to you as it does to us.”

The line, named the Light of March 7 (LOM7 for short) in a nod to the end of winter, uses tuning pins and piano wire recycled from an 1896 Steinway, with incorporated elements like leather from local hunters and organic hemp. 

Another set of pieces, vanity plates, feature small brass rectangles imprinted with antique letter stamps. The 802 plate is the most popular, but Myra and Patrick take custom orders up to eight characters long. “I’m a writer,” Myra Flynn says with a laugh. “If I was going to make a jewelry line, of course it would have words on it.”

View the gallery above to check out her work.

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