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SERG to Merge: Sustainable Energy Resource Group Joins Vital Communities

Dec 02, 2015 10:51PM ● By Kirsten Gehlbach
After 14 years of pioneering energy programs throughout Vermont and New Hampshire, the Upper Valley nonprofit Sustainable Energy Resource Group (SERG) is merging with the White River Junction-based nonprofit Vital Communities. SERG Founder and Executive Director Bob Walker says, “SERG and Vital Communities have a long history of successful collaboration on energy efforts. SERG has built a strong legacy developing and implementing model grassroots energy programs. Combine that with Vital Communities’ institutional capacity and shared mission, and we are confident we can accomplish more together than we ever could on our own.”

During years of service to the Upper Valley, SERG has made a significant impact in helping citizens and municipalities to address energy issues. A few of the highlights over the years include the following:

– Established and advised the first town energy committees in Vermont and New Hampshire—and built that number to more than 100 in each state.

– Developed the “Button Up” weatherization workshop series, with over 270 workshops held by late October 2015.

– Led an effort to increase the number of weatherized homes and helped launch a Vermont Home Energy Challenge.

– Developed accredited workshops for real estate professionals focused on the value of home energy efficiency.

– Created an online resource library and e-newsletter to help residents in the Upper Valley improve their energy footprints.

– Organized well-attended public forums on everything from heat pumps to electric vehicles.

– Was awarded the 2014 Vermont Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.

“We’re thrilled to expand our work around renewable energy and energy efficiency by taking on the stewardship of the great resources and programs Bob Walker and SERG have built over more than a decade,” says Vital Communities Executive Director Tom Roberts. “We look forward to continuing these efforts and developing new projects to help move the Upper Valley toward a cleaner energy future.”

Bob adds that he has been looking forward to taking a step back from running an entire organization so he can focus more on developing and guiding programs that he hopes will lead to changes moving forward. In a statement he said, “I feel a great sense of confidence in handing over the reins to Vital Communities, knowing that this work we care so deeply for will continue for years to come."

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