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A Picnic Playlist: 10 Songs to Jam out to This Summer

Jun 13, 2016 11:23AM ● By Victoria Pipas
Are you searching for just the right vibe for your outdoor summer party? Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or a pool party, you’ll want to put these songs on the loud speaker for all to hear. This is a mix of some classics, alternative indie finds, pop, and even some local flavor. Read on for the best tunes to keep everyone jamming all summer long!

1. “Hold Up” by Beyoncé. Truly, the entire album titled Lemonade deserves to be on this playlist, but we’ll limit it to one. This song is especially bubbly, and Beyoncé’s sensual, jazzy voice will relax everyone. It’s a great tune for a hot summer day or evening spent floating languidly in a pool.

2.“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by the Beach Boys. This whole album, Sounds of Summer, is gold. Transport your guests back to the’60s and the days of polka dots and pedal pushers.

3.“Lips” by Marian Hill. This edgy artist has a captivating voice with chill beats and seductive lyrics. With a touch of techno, this song is great background music for a casual party.

4.“Summertime” by Chloe Brisson. For lovers of pure jazz, this one’s for you. Chloe, a native of the Upper Valley and a graduate of Hanover High School, has won several awards for her outstanding jazz vocals. This particular song will have you swooning into summer.

5.“Feel Bad Blues” by Sensible Shoes and Friends. This soulful Vermont blues group is a local Upper Valley band that’s won an ASCAP award for songwriting. You might know them from their performance at the Hanover Streetfest. To purchase their album, My History, click here.

6.“Cool for the Summer” by Demi Lovato. This progressive pop song was one of last year’s top hits, and it’s just as good this year. It’s sure to please even the younger guests at any party. This one’s a bright and colorful tune guaranteed to make you the coolest host on the block.  

7.“The Boys of Summer” by Don Henley. You can’t not blast this song on your radio as you drive down the Kancamagus Highway on a sunny summer day.

8.“Roses” by the Chainsmokers featuring Rozes. This uplifting, ethereal mix is a blend of techno and pop. It wins the chill jam of the year award, in my opinion. Every new chorus and verse is an unexpected and welcome surprise. Listen to this if you want music that’s both fun and interesting. Like Marian Hill’s work, enjoy it as edgy background music.

9.“California Girls” by David Lee Roth. You may know the Beach Boy’s classic version of this song, but this cover comes highly recommended. It’s a bit raunchier than the Beach Boys’ version, especially considering Roth’s reputation as a womanizer and his role in the band Van Halen.

10.“Ignition (Remix)” (by R. Kelley) by the Dartmouth Aires. For one last change of genre, play this Dartmouth a cappella group at your party. This cover of “Ignition” is upbeat and inspiring, and will certainly wake up any guest who’s been vegging in a pool chair in the sun too long.  

What’s your go-to song of summer? Whether it’s a classic, pop song or local artist, comment below to share the song you can’t live without when the warm breezes blow and the sun shines bright.

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