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Health Guide 2016: Find New Places & Ways to Stay Fit in the Upper Valley

Aug 30, 2016 04:01PM ● By Erin Frisch

Getting in shape means something different for everyone. For some it could mean getting in good physical shape, for others it could also mean getting in the right frame of mind, or even becoming more flexible. Whatever health means to you we've got you covered with a wide array of activities to do all over the Upper Valley. If you're looking for something new to spice up your routine check out some new ideas below.

Upper Valley Aquatic Center

This great resource is so much more than swimming, although swimming is a great way to gain strength, build muscle, and work on breathing. The UVAC also boasts a fitness facility that includes daily classes such as Mat Pilates, Zumba, Fitness Blitz, Yoga, Spinning, Aqua Plunge, Shed & Shred, Total Body Conditioning, Deep Water Volleyball, T’ai Chi and more.


CrossFit at The River Valley Club (RVC)

With over 7,000 affiliated gyms, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program. At CrossFit RVC, their affiliate programs are based on the CrossFit methodology: constant, varied functional movements at high intensities. The focus is on proper technique, with each fitness task keeping you motivated and injury-free in a fun group-training environment.

The equipment used varies from infinity rig, rope climb setup, bikes, PiYo boxes, concept rowers, bars and bumper plates, Olympic lifting platforms and more. If you’re looking for an intense group activity, CrossFit will meet your needs. Click here for more details.  


TRX and SYNRGY360 at the CCBA

Experience a workout like no other! TRX and SYNRGY360 classes use a combination of body weight exercises to increase strength, stability, range of motion, flexibility, core strength, stamina and power. All levels are welcome. Click here for the full schedule. Members and non- members can participate in this class.


Bootcamp at Wayne's World Elite Fitness Training

Bootcamp is an hour-long metabolic circuit filled with various full body exercises designed to burn lots of calories in a short amount of time. Keeping the muscles guessing helps burn fat. With a great atmosphere and good music, this activity is meant for all abilities, ages, and fitness levels. Bootcamps run Monday–Saturday at various times. Click here for prices and the full bootcamp schedule.


Ancient Healing Arts Yoga offers small, personalized classes with highly trained instructors to make your visits with them safe and enjoyable. They currently offer private and group classes including but not limited to Gentle, Level 1, Level 1 & 2, Prenatal, Core Strength through Yoga and more. AHA also has workshops; the next one scheduled for August 18 is Yoga Parampara with Patricia Walden. For fees and more information, click here.


A juice bar located in the River Valley Club (RVC) has a full menu of all natural, whole-food shakes and smoothies to aid your performance or help you recover from your workout of choice. Pura Vida products are free of any artificial ingredients, synthetic sweeteners, and trans fats. Refuel & Recover shakes at 20 ounces have between 350 and 470 calories. The Veggie Shakes are refreshing and detoxifying. They’re also 20 ounces and run between 290 and 330 calories. Pura Vida also has a café menu that includes Matcha Green Tea, Almond Mocha, Chocolate Chai and more. Pura Vida is open Monday–Friday 7:30am–7pm and Saturday 8:30am–1pm.

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