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Join the Holiday Basket Helpers & Bring Holiday Joy to Hundreds

Dec 06, 2016 09:25AM ● By Kirsten Gehlbach
With an increasing number of families struggling to provide the necessities of life, Holiday Basket Helpers provide assistance by donating a few gifts for children, including warm clothing, a food gift card to help with a holiday dinner, or by surprising a senior with a fruit basket.

During this season of giving, this is what the Holiday Helpers do, and they can use your help, from the smallest gift of kindness, maybe a game or a puzzle or the warmest hug from a comfy bear to hold throughout the year. Or it could be an extra blanket to stay a bit warmer as the temperature falls. These do make a difference to children, to families, and to seniors.

Human service agencies, religious organizations, and schools refer recipients. Each family lets the agency know what items are most needed. Senior agencies and churches also refer seniors for help. Requests for assistance are expected to be higher this year, with important government programs declining as needs rise. Unemployment and the high cost of necessities, especially food, are stretching many budgets well beyond normal limits.

On the brighter side, many neighbors are working to make a difference so that all children and seniors in Upper Valley neighborhoods have a happy holiday this year.

The latest news is about gearing up for another year of bringing holiday joy to hundreds with the help of neighbors in the Upper Valley. The team asks, “Please consider sponsoring a child or donating funds toward food for a child.”

You get a huge “Thank You!” Plus, you can change the numbers below. To get a sense of the needs, here are the 2015 numbers:

  • Families Sponsored – 195
  • Children Sponsored – 435
  • Seniors – 187
  • Sponsors – 201

At last count, for 2016 the numbers so far stack up as follows:

  • Families: 125
  • Children: 321
  • Young Children: 45
  • Teens: 3
  • Seniors: 0
  • Sponsors to date: 75

Can you step up to the plate? The Holiday Basket Helpers team is hoping for your assistance. They also want to know if you are in need of help. They are ready to step in and help. Here is this year’s team, and many thanks to all of them:

Megan Brendel, Samantha Candon, Sophia Crawford, Clare Forseth, Laura Gillespie, David DeLucia, Sue Pitiger, Colleen Rozzi, Ann Marie Smith, Marie McCarthy, and Pat Stark.

Many thanks as well to the teams who have stepped up to the plate before to help provide for those facing food insecurity. Maybe you too can step up and make a difference.

Hartford–Norwich Holiday Baskets

In the tradition of New England communities caring for those experiencing a lack of resources to make their holidays happy and fulfilling, especially for their children, Hartford–Norwich Holiday Basket Helpers has for over 30 years worked to brighten that picture. The organization has always been and continues to be staffed completely by volunteers.

With your help, we can meet the needs of the community and have a good time doing it!

Please email Pat Stark, coordinator, with your questions at [email protected].

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