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A Few Flip-Flop Tips from Lebanon's Cioffredi & Associates

Jun 14, 2017 11:40AM ● By Linda Ditch
Ah, the time has finally arrived! We can stash away our boots and heavy shoes and let our toes wiggle in the summer breezes. Flip-flops are not only easy to wear—they’re a long-running fashion trend that’s made its way from the beach to the office.

Still, are they actually good for your feet? The soles of flip-flops vary in thickness. Some are all-terrain rugged, while others are paper-thin.

Recently, Cioffredi & Associates in Lebanon posted a caution about flip-flops on their website ( Wearing them means your toe, foot, and leg muscles are working harder than usual to keep them on your feet. And this can tighten the tendons and create issues all the way from your heel up to your lower back.

If you still insist on flipping and flopping your way through summer days, heed these wise tips that Cioffredi & Associates have offered, and you’ll keep your feet happy right up until the first frost when you have to show no mercy and push those piggies back into your brogues!

  1. Stay off rough terrain and watch out for street hazards. The soles of most flip-flops are no match for uneven ground, cracked pavement, sharp gravel, and discarded litter, just to name a few “road hazards.” And they aren’t the best footwear for crowded conditions, where someone can step on the heel and cause you to trip or crush your unprotected toes.
  2. Avoid long-distance walks. Flip-flops lack the support found in sneakers and other shoes, so forgo them if you will be walking some distance, such as at an amusement park or out sightseeing.
  3. Choose a better flip-flop: Pay a little more to those with a strap that goes all the way around your foot and a sturdy sole with some arch support.
  4. Stretch! The Cioffredi and Associates website provides a variety of foot and leg stretches to help combat the toe clenching and tight muscles that can come from wearing flip-flops, including exercises to combat plantar fasciitis pain.
Head to Cioffredi & Associates' website to read their enlightening article with all the details. 

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