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Mascoma Sailing Club Programs Bring The Joy Of Sailing To Everyone

Jun 14, 2018 12:21PM
Mascoma Lake is a special place for many, especially sailors. A large lake surrounded by hills and oriented northwest to southeast, it provides some challenging sailing conditions with frequently shifting winds, making it a rewarding location for sailors of all levels. The Mascoma Sailing Club (MSC) is eager to share the experience and their love of the lake with the community. Their goal is to make sailing an affordable sport available to everyone, and you don’t need to own a sailboat to join.

Mascoma Sailing Club is located on South Main Street in Enfield, next to the Northern Rail Trail on Mascoma Lake, and is open from May until the end of October. Members who own boats can leave them at the club, using shore facilities or Club moorings. The Club also owns sailboats that are available to members.

The Club owns two Javelins, a Rhodes 19, and two Lasers on dollies that are available for use by members who are qualified skippers who have had an orientation to the boats.

The Thursday Evening Sailing program (4:30pm) is an opportunity for people to explore sailing at no cost. It also gives Club members an opportunity to meet other sailors and brush up on their sailing skills if they’ve been away from the sport for a while. Those interested in sailing should contact MSC.

For more information, contact Sally Sharp ([email protected]) or Bill Fontaine ([email protected]) or visit their website at

By Anne Richter Arnold
Photos by Herb Swanson

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