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7 Reputable Childcare Centers in The Upper Valley

Nov 21, 2018 02:16PM ● By Kevin
Looking to enroll a new child in a local, trustworthy childcare center as you prepare to return to work? Are you interested in switching to a new childcare center? Regardless of the reason, there are plenty to choose from in the area. We’ve compiled a list of seven nearby, reputable childcare centers in and around the Upper Valley.

Children’s Center of the Upper Valley

Serving the Upper Valley for almost 50 years, the Children's Center Of The Upper Valley is a nonprofit organization provides a balanced approach to learning at affordable prices. The staff at the Children’s Center of the Upper Valley is certified in the latest safety, first aid, and CPR training. They also administer weekly and quarterly training for each educator to keep them up to date on the latest educational techniques. The organization is a family oriented childcare center and includes the entire family in its many events. They run various programs for children throughout the year and also offer after-school services.

Green Mountain Children’s Center

Another nonprofit organization, Green Mountain Children's Center has been serving the childcare needs of parents in the Upper Valley since 1989. The organization is committed to providing the best atmosphere to educate, exercise, inspire, and help each child develop. Teachings are administered for each child’s unique needs. Additionally, every member of Green Mountain’s family functions as both a teacher and a student. They run various programs for children throughout the year and also offer both extended-day preschool services and after-school services, including Claremont’s exclusive “Kids Connection,” which enriches children’s minds through games, arts, crafts, and exercise.

Twin River Children’s Center

Twin River Children's Center opened in the Upper Valley in 1991 and focuses on the benefits of play through scientifically backed research on child psychology. The core musings on play that back Twin River’s philosophy are that it enriches the imagination, promotes social skills, advances physical development, and aids emotional expression. The staff at Twin River also believes each child is unique and learns and develops in his or her own way; therefore, operating with universal respect and kindness is crucial to success. They offer a well-rounded education, educating the whole child through a compilation of arts, crafts, songs, storytelling, outdoor activities, and much more. Programs are year-round and serve kids ages 6 weeks to 5 years old.

Rabbit Track Day Care

Emily Creighton-Pryer runs Rabbit Track Day Care with the philosophy of providing structured yet flexible play-based programming in which children can explore, grow, create, discover, build relationships, and become confident learners. Creighton-Pryer has more than 18 years experience in her field. Rabbit Track takes care of children from ages 6 weeks to 5 years. There is also an after-school service available exclusively for students of Bradford Elementary School. Kids get to experience various types of lessons at Rabbit Track, which include arts, building blocks, reading, cooking, drama, music, outdoors, sensory experiences, and games and puzzles.

One Step Ahead Daycare

One Step Ahead Daycare  two locations are split among specific age groups. Charlestown takes children ages 6 weeks and up, while Cornish has limited openings for children ages 5 to 14. Karlene Lawrence and Lisa Lashway are the co-owners of the childcare center with diverse backgrounds in education, performing arts, culinary arts, and children’s leadership organizations. The facility operates out of the former Red Robin Motel, which boasts both spacious indoor and outdoor areas. Each child is provided lunch and two snacks a day. The curriculum is based on social and emotional development, cognitive development, language development, and physical development. Within these programs, children have opportunities to play, learn, and explore.

Babble-On Daycare

Established in 1997, Babble-On Daycare is located in Windsor County. They are a women-owned-and-operated facility, specializing in childcare and daycare services. Babble-On is a state-licensed operation, employing up to 10 people on staff. They typically begin taking care of children at 6 weeks of age, and many parents continue to trust their children with Babble-On for many years. It has been noted that the facility takes a firm stance against bullying, identifies and caters to children with unique learning needs and abilities, has an effective approach to homework, and teach character and respect to students and children.

4 Corners Children's Center

4 Corners Children's Center, Inc. Corners  offers part or full-time early childcare services, licensed in Vermont. They have three classrooms and take in children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. The curriculum includes: arts and crafts, circle time, daily outside play, dramatic play, regular daily routines, water play, music and story time, and literacy and match activities. They are a CDD approved Specialized Care Provider. Capacity at 4 Corners is 40 students.

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