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6 Awesome Adult Classes to Check Out in the Upper Valley in 2019

Feb 05, 2019 05:57PM ● By Kevin
Want to continue learning new skills even after you’ve gotten your diploma and entered the workforce? Looking for a new hobby? Or are you bored and hoping to find a hidden talent you didn't know you had? The Upper Valley is home to many growth opportunities for adults. Luckily, we’ve done some homework for you and found six awesome places that will teach you something new or get you better at something you already do!

Explore Your Vocal Chords at the Upper Valley Music Center

Do you want to sing? Not sure if you can? Were you ever told to stand in the back and “just mouth the words?”  Know how to sing but need a refresher? Singing from a variety of traditions, students learn to use healthy vocal technique to extend their range, tune with others, and hold their own parts. A bit of music history and theory gets thrown in as a bonus. Upper Valley Music Center plays, explores, and experiments to learn about your individual voice. Class sizes range from seven to 15.

Fall term runs in September through January and spring term runs February through May. The center is located at 8 South Park St. in Lebanon. For more information, visit, or call 603- 448-1642.


Enhance Your Leadership Skills With Leadership Upper Valley

Leadership Upper Valley brings together Upper Valley residents in existing and evolving leadership roles once a month for a 10-month period to give them the insights, relationships, and service perspective they need to succeed and make a difference in the Upper Valley. No other program offers such a comprehensive overview of the Upper Valley.

Participants come away from the program with knowledge of Upper Valley issues, opportunities, people, lifestyles, and trends, an expanded network of community leaders and partners, and motivation and experience to provide service within the Upper Valley community.

Applications are due by April 30. Leadership Upper Valley is located 195 N. Main St. in White River Junction. For more information, visit, or call 802-291-9100.


Save a Life by Learning CPR

Upper Valley CPR is an American Heart Association-certified source for CPR and first aid classes and certification. They offer Heartsaver CPR/AED and First Aid and Basic Life Support (BLS) classes and certifications and are affiliated with Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital as our AHA training center.

Trainers will come to your location and offer CPR classes from Burlington to Manchester, including locally Lebanon, Hanover, Norwich, White River Junction and throughout the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. This opportunity is great for businesses, schools, communities, and families alike.

Upper Valley CPR is located at 103 Van Dyke Road in Strafford, and is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 4 to 9 p.m., and from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. the rest of the week. For more information, visit


Better Your Relationship With ‘Man’s Best Friend’

Effective Dog Training is based on mutual respect that involves understanding the physical, mental and emotional characteristics of the dog and working with those strengths and weaknesses rather than fighting against them.

Respect your “best friend” by providing it with a framework with which to make appropriate decisions in a human world that is much more complicated than the canine world.

Carmen D. Noradunghian is a Dog Behavior Consultant and Trainer in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire who works with people and their dogs. Noradunghain has locations in Woodstock and Hanover. For more information, visit


Belly Dance With Gina

Gina Capossela teaches Middle Eastern and American Belly Dance at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with free introductory classes for newcomers.

All shapes, ages (8+) and ability levels are welcome and encouraged.

For Advanced Dancers, Capossela offers instruction in both Belly Dance and the folkloric styles of Turkey, the Middle East, and North Africa. Beyond the Middle East, Gina also teaches Indian Bhangra, Bollywood and Italian Tarantella dances.

She currently teaches in Hanover and Grantham, as well as White River Junction. Her dance company, The Raqs Salaam Dance Theater, is a regional favorite in theaters, fairs, and festivals in the Upper Valley area.


Learn a New Sport at Upper Valley Fencing Club

 The Upper Valley Fencing Club is the region’s home for the sport of fencing. The core focus is on modern fencing in all three weapons—foil, épée, and saber—with a strong sense of the classical virtues of form and dignity.

The UVFC offers instruction, practice, and sport at Tracy Hall in Norwich, with the support of the Norwich Recreation Department. If you are an active fencer, a rusty blade or interested in learning about the sport, this is a good opportunity for you.

For more information, email [email protected], or visit

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