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Antipasti Platter Perfect For Any Gathering

Create a perfect Antipasto platter this holiday season.

  • Pick 3–5 of your favorite cheeses, enough for a couple of ounces per person
  • Pick 2–3 of your favorite deli meats, enough for a couple of ounces per person, thinly sliced
  • Pick your favorite pâté, enough for an ounce or two per person
  • 8 fresh figs, quartered
  • About a pound of green or red grapes
  • 2–3 cups mixed marinated olives
  • 8 oz dried apricots and/or dates
  • 2–3 cups mixed nuts
  • A selection of sliced artisanal bread(s) and crackers

How to put it together:

1. Choose the cheeses and meats for a variety of textures and flavors. Start with something soft and creamy like Brie or Camembert and add a tangy goat cheese and a sharp cheddar. Complete your cheese selection with a flavorful Stilton or Gorgonzola, an aged Alpine cheese, and a nutty Parmigiano-Reggiano. Add your favorite thinly sliced deli meats including dried sausages, coppa, prosciutto, or bresaola.

2. Artfully arrange the cheeses, meats, and pâté on a large platter or cutting board. To bring out their full flavor, serve at room temperature. Add fresh and dried fruit and small bowls of nuts and marinated olives.

3. Fill a basket with slices of artisanal breads and crackers and let everyone serve themselves.

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