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Burlington Based, and Employee-owned, Gardener’s Supply Company Takes Over Longacres' Nursery Center

Mar 29, 2018 02:39PM ● Published by Linda Ditch

Brothers Norm, Joe, and Jim Longacre announced this past fall that they were ready to retire. So they sold the business to Gardener’s Supply Company, an employee-owned company based in Burlington. The official hand-off took place on January 3rd. The brothers still own the Rt. 4 property in Lebanon and are leasing it to GSC.

After a remodel, the revamped nursery center opened on February 1st. The location offers everything you’ll need for the upcoming season. If you’re a beginning gardener, you’ll need more than just a shovel. No matter what your garden’s size, here are the must-have tools you can find at Gardener’s to get the job done:

  • A trowel: A small, hand-held shovel great for putting new plants into the ground and digging up small areas.
  • A hoe: For breaking up large clumps of dirt, making rows in garden beds, and getting rid of weeds.
  • .A hose: To keep those new plants hydrated
  • A watering can: For the places a hose can’t reach or for when you just need to water a few small pots.
  • Gardening gloves: To protect your hands from dirt, thorns, blisters, and other garden hazards.
  • A hand pruner: This tool allows you to cut flowers, harvest vegetables, and trim small shrubs.
  • Scissors: For cutting everything from twine to herbs.
  • A rake: A regular leaf rake will work, but you might also consider a garden rake with stiffer prongs to help smooth out the soil in the garden beds.
  • A shovel: Yes, you do need one to dig up your garden area.
  • Twine: For tying up plants or marking straight rows.
Gardener’s Supply Company offers a variety of seminars and workshops to help you become a better gardener. (See the complete list on their website,, or on their Facebook page.) The website also has a lot of information that can help you find answers to your gardening questions.

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