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Touched by a Horse: Healing, Camaraderie, and a Little Magic

A psychotherapist who has raised and shown horses for more than 30 years, Melisa leads the popular session.

Mascoma Sailing Club Programs Bring The Joy Of Sailing To Everyone

Mascoma Lake is a special place for many, especially sailors who are members of the Mascoma Sailing Club.

In This Issue - Spring 2018

Read about how Bunny Harvey is looking beyond the visible, adventurer and humanitarian John Markowitz, one-stop shop Colonial Pharmacy and more in the Spring 2018 edition of Image Magazine.

Bloemfontein, South Africa

If you’re making a journey to South Africa for the usual attractions, to go pigeon and dove hunting, or to check out J.R.R. Tolkien’s childhood home, here are some helpful hints.

Colonial Pharmacy: Where Big-city Services Come with Small-town Care & Attention

Pharmacists and owners Randy Doerr and Glenn Perreault of Colonial Pharmacy in New London have been steadfast in their determination to remain independent.

Bunny Harvey: What Remains to Be Seen

Join Harvey as she speaks about her work on this video.

In This Issue - Winter 2017

Read about how a local 55-year-old ski racer won a world title, the quality craftsmanship of time-tested Green Mountain gloves, John Lunn's flutes and more in the Winter 2017 edition of Image Magazine.

Going for a Globe: Where to Compete in the 2018 FIS Masters Cup

Lisa Ballard, author of Ski Faster! Guide to Racing and High Performance Skiing, has a few tips for the upcoming FIS Masters Cup.

American Heart Association's Top 10 Heart-Healthy Foods

February will mark American Heart Month. Here are a few heart-healthy choices to make.

In This Issue - Fall 2017

Read about how a national soccer camp has hit Enfield, why Bensonwood expands with offerings from Unity Homes, the young women in engineering and more in the Fall 2017 edition of Image Magazine.

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